Incredibly, it was there all along. 
We merely opened this treasure chest
and celebrate the beauty it holds.



MAG® offers editorial photographs of exquisite quality in limited editions.


World’s defining style and fashion magazines are brimming with stunning photography. Shot by prominent photographers, many of these luminous images are of the highest quality and of timeless art value.

MAG recognises and magnifies these outstanding works as such. We provide you with the unique opportunity to own a photo seen in your favourite magazine. Exclusively developed, perfectly framed. 

MAG is about the exclusivity, creativity and availability of editorial photography. Have a look at our online gallery for all our editorial eye candies! 

Have you found the photo of your dreams in a magazine that’s not listed on MAG? It will be our pleasure to find and acquire the art piece of your choice. We warmly invite your personal recommendations. 

Contact us to MAGnify your photo: acquire(at)


Our gallery showcases outstanding editorial work by renowned Dutch fashion photographers. 

MAG proudly represents the work of:

Petrovsky & Ramone, Paul Bellaart, Eric van den Elsen, Marc de Groot, Carli Hermes, FotoFloor, Marc van Praag, William Garett, Dirk Kikstra and Roger Neve.

These photographers have been featured in international editions of e.g.: Vogue, L’Officiel, Harpers Bazaar, JAN, La Vie en Rose, Vanity Fair, LINDA, ELLE, Glamour and Esquire. 

MAG continues to find the renowned, cutting-edge and prodigious photographers of the world. 





A marketing professional with a deep love for photography, Linde Steverink is the initiator of MAG.

As a bon-vivant and art lover, Linde always enjoyed the wonderfully cool photography in international top magazines. There are these beautiful compositions, vibrant colours, strong contrasts. She often wished she could have high quality prints of them in her own house. With that wish, an original idea was born. MAG brings editorial top photography into the light it deserves – beautifully framed onto your wall.  



Besides owning Amsterdam based Kahmann Gallery and design agency Het Hoofdbureau, Roy Kahmann publishes GUP MagazineNEW Talent books, New Dawn paper and is the initiator of the boutique photography fair Haute Photographie.

Add to this over thirty years of experience in collecting photography, and one can easily see the inestimable value of MAG’s advisor and talent scout.